CO2 Bottles Refill

CO2 Bottle Refill


Auckland & Wellington CO2 Cylinder/ Bottle Refill Service!


Food-grade CO2 Cylinder/ Bottle Refill Service. Collection/delivery service available for commercial customers (charges may apply).

Whether it is for home brewing, fish tanks, hydroponics or welding, we can refill your CO2 Cylinder/ Bottle.

Phone now to organise your CO2 Refill!

Auckland - Call 09-373 2019

Wellington - Call 04-499 9179

Please note, we offer a 3 day turnaround on CO2 fills






Refill Pricing

Refills 2.0kg,3.5kg @ $23.00

Refills 5.0kg @ $34.50

Refills of larger sizes on request.


New Cylinders

3.5kg & 5.0kg $322.00

2.0kg $220.00

New cylinders are supplied full with food-grade CO2 complete with the NZ standard valve


Note: all prices are GST Inclusive