Buoyancy Aids

Our top of the range, uniquely designed buoyancy aids ensure safety and efficiency for all types of paddling including whitewater, touring and recreational.

YAK Blaze 50N

For your first ventures onto the water or as a buoyancy aid that's at home in any waterborne environment, the Blaze is a comfortable, lightweight jacket that ticks all the boxes.


YAK Kurve

When tucking under the lip or trying to pull that next big aerial manoeuvre, you need a PFD that is compact, low profile, flexible but solid. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Kurve.


YAK Kougar

The Kougar may just be the most comfortable and flexible buoyancy aid you have ever worn.


YAK Xipe

The Xipe has become synonymous with everything that is good in a touring PFD.


YAK Descent

With all the adjustment and features you need, this is the elite jacket for big water paddling.