There are many situations where conditions are poor but not life threatening - conditions when you want to keep sailing. If you're running before big seas, especially breaking seas, broaching can be a danger, especially when you are running dead square to the wind. This is when you need para-drogues from Para-Anchors Australia.

Based on parachute technology, these para-drogues use two parachute sea anchors, cut differently and closely coupled. They are designed to interact with each other, creating a very high drag and consequent pressure wave. The para-drogue will not break free of the water and it maintains an even, positive drag on the stern of a vessel. It has a simple adjustable vent that can be pre-tensioned to vary the load being applied to the boat.

Para-drogue test results

para drogues

BOAT SPEED             DRAG
5 knots                     265kg
7 knots                     480kg
9 knots                     890kg

When stowed, the para-drogue can be stored in a shoe box sized locker.  It is manufactured from high-density nylon with all seams and panels heavily reinforced.

Emergency steering with a para-drogue

Our para-drogues have been approved by the Australian Yachting Federation as an Emergency Steering Device under regulation 15-12, 1995.

On a multi-hull, a bridle is required to be able to vary the drag position on the after end of the boat. A similar effect can be achieved on a mono-hull by strapping a spinnaker pole across the transom and rigging a bridle through the end fittings back to the primary winches, allowing easy steerage.

Towing with the para-drogue

Under normal circumstances, especially with a sea running, a towed vessel can easily overrun the towing vessel, or at least be directionally unstable. When the towed vehicle in turn tows a para-drogue, towing steerage and manageability becomes a breeze.

para drogue setup

Storm parachute systems

Storm parachute systems, used in survival conditions on vessels up to 200 ft, can be deployed from the cockpit and are attached to a strong point on the bow. Our storm parachute systems have proven heavy weather defence, knockdown protection for conventional sailboats, provide damage control for disabled craft, aid search and rescue, and, allow for the occupant of the craft to rest.

A parachure sea anchor is the only device capable of holding your bow to the wind allowing you the safety and most comfortable position to ride out any storm.

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