The para-anchors from Para-Anchor Australia offer a greater degree of self-sufficiency for single-handers. They make rescue attempts safer because the vessel is more predictable and capable of being approached from downwind. They are ideal for times when you need to make boat repairs at sea. And they reduce the amount of pitching and rolling. A proven system in heavy weather, para-anchors also provide knockdown protection for conventional sailboats, capsize protection for multi-hulls and powerboats, and, damage control for disabled powercraft.

para anchorsFeatures

  • High-density nylon
  • Bright colour for visibility in air search
  • Super strong radial seams to absorb high loads
  • Reinforced localised stress points
  • Designed for efficient and safe deployment
  • Self-deploying bag permanently attached to back of swivel for ease of use.


From: *****
To: John Roberts
Sent: Tuesday, 21 July 2009 9:54 a.m.
Subject: RE: Parachute anchor works well!

Hi John, got caught on the fringe of the last tropical storm, after visiting Raoul. Tried to outrun it to the E(ast) but got it - just over 40kts. Gave up sailing and sat on the anchor for almost a day. The anchor worked incredibly well - seas approx 6m - felt very safe and all slept right through the night. ETA Tonga Wed. Regards, John



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