Charter and recreation liferaft
(MSA NZ B, YNZ Cat I & YNZ Cat III compliant)

Suitable for YNZ Cat I international voyage, as well as YNZ Cat III/ORC and MSA NZ B charter requirements, the Seasava is designed, built and tested to the same standards as our SOLAS-approved Surviva liferaft range. It's arguably the most sophisticated, robust and durable recreation liferaft in its class.


  • Manufactured from long lasting, corrosion and abrasion resistant polyurethane (PU)- coated nylon
  • High visibility canopy with retro-reflective panels
  • Heavy duty canopy
  • Insulated floor in Seasava Plus R models
  • Anti-tangle drogue, a sea anchor that keeps the raft in one place for safe boarding
  • Rapidly deployed, high volume weighted water pockets that provide stability to raft even when empty.


  • Seasava liferafts come in both weathertight valise and tough fiberglass container options, for you to make the best use of available space.

Emergency packs

  • MSA NZ B
  • Cat I
  • Cat III/ORC

seasava chart e pack

Dimensions and weights

seasave chart cat1seasave chart cat3seasave chart solas

Note: All weights and dimensions are approximate and may be subject to slight variation.



Made from GRP, chocks are the easy, secure way to install your leisure liferaft onboard.

Made from GRP, chocks are the easy, secure way to install your leisure liferaft onboard.


High tech range from ACR as used by NATO Special Forces - includes SART models.

Hydrostatic release unit

Automatically launch life rafts with our economical, reliable and effective Hammar H20 hydrostatic release unit.

Spare parts

Be prepared with the right spare parts that work regardless of the weather conditions or changes in climate.


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