Marin Ark 632

Largest marine evacuation system (SOLAS MED approved)
(316, 474 and 632-person capacities)

The Marin Ark 632 is the largest, safest and most cost-effective dry-shod MES in the world. This system features an innovative helical slide path that combines the benefits of a fully enclosed evacuation chute with the natural descent of a spiral slide. So, crew members can even ascend to assist other passengers if required. One of the most dynamic design features of this new system is the integration of a service winch into the stowage unit which allows for the entire unit to be deposited onto a tug or truck during service periods thus in most cases eliminating the requirement for a crane during service.


  • Unique fully reversible 158 person liferaft design
  • Suspended floor for maximum thermal protection
  • Multiple buoyancy compartments
  • Dual spiral slide path for safe, rapid and controlled descent
  • Unique slide path design for crew ascent where necessary
  • Integral service winch eliminates need for crane hire during MES installation and service removal
  • Revolutionary bowsing system and evacuation slide path designed to meet the challenges of the latest modern wide beam vessels
  • Flexible design allows for installation on widest range of vessel configurations
  • Paves way for more deck space - no davits or DL liferafts necessary.


Download full Marin-Ark brochure and you will find the stowage details.

Emergency packs

  • Surviva life rafts are available with 'A' and 'B' emergency pack configurations.

Dimensions and weights

Download full Marin-Ark brochure and you will find the dimension and weights details.

Note: All weights and dimensions are approximate and may be subject to slight variation.



High tech range from Kannad including SART options.

Hydrostatic release unit

Automatically launch life rafts with our economical, reliable and effective Hammar H20 hydrostatic release unit.

Radar reflectors

Noiseless, lightweight and low windage reflectors from Mobri, for sailing and power boating.

Spare parts

Be prepared with spare parts that work regardless of the weather conditions or changes in climate.


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