Marine evacuation systems

No other marine evacuation system comes close to the superior design of the Marin Ark series made by RFD. There's the four fully reversible liferafts to ensure the system inflates upright every time. Two fully enclosed evacuation chutes so no passenger is exposed to the elements at any time during evacuation. Compact all-in-one stowage design maximises space for passenger entertainment and comfort onboard. And, last but not least, single action release for simple crew operation.

Marin Ark 632

USES: Large capacity passenger ferries, cruise vessels and military craft. The evolution in marine evacuation systems that is SOLAS MED approved.


Marin Ark 430

USES: Large passenger and military vessels. High capacity Marine Evacuation System for quick exit from vessels.


Marin Ark 109

USES: Smaller passenger ferries. Smaller-sized marine evacuation system for deployment from low heights.


Zodiac MIS

USES: Large passenger ferries and High Speed Craft. Zodiac Medium Inflatable Slide System - this twin track inflatable slide system deploys at right angles to the vessel.


Zodiac MIS canopied liferaft

USES: Large passenger vessals


Zodiac MIS open reversible liferaft

USES: Large passenger vessels


MES Over-capacity liferafts

USES: Large passenger ferries, cruise vessels and military craft. Over-capacity liferafts to complement our Marin Ark marine evacuation systems.


Surviva 50

USES: Large passenger vessels and military craft. SOLAS MED approved and MSA NZ compliant, reversible Surviva liferafts.



Open reversible and automatically self-righting liferafts that can accommodate up to 150 passengers. Ideally used as part of the DSB-CAT-slide MES.



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DSB Cat-slide-system

For high-speed evacuation of vessels with evacuation heights up to 4.5 metres.