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Survitec Group stocks precision ship clocks, barometers and compasses from Plastimo. When buying marine chandlery you should take into consideration the type of boat you own, your navigation programme, plus the size and type of mounting that's best for you. If you're not sure what you need, talk it through with a Survitec Group expert.

Plastimo Tide/time clocks

3 and 4.5-inch tide/time clock - brass
4.5 inch tide clock - chrome
4.5-inch tide clock - matt chrome

Plastimo clocks

3, 4.5 and 6-inch clock - brass
3 and 4.5 inch clock - chrome
3 and 4.5-inch clock - matt chrome


Plastimo barometers

3, 4.5 and 6-inch barometer - brass
3 and 4.5-inch barometer - chrome
3 and 4.5-inch barometer - matt chrome


Plastimo clocks/barometers

3-inch brass clock and barometer on teak base

Plastimo weathermen

Clock and barometer 8-inch brass weatherman on teak <image as per RFD NZ site>

Plastimo Offshore 105 Compass


  • For powerboats from 5 to 9 metres
  • Magnetic shell mounted on shock absorbers
  • Sunshade and built-in lighting
  • Flush mount standard or mounted with optional bracket
  • Available in black or white, flat card or direct read card.
  • Offshore 75, 90, 95 and 135 also available.




Plastimo Iris 50/100 Hand-bearing Compass

iris 50

  • For all boating and water sports enthusiasts
  • Versatile compass with excellent legibility with 1 degree graduations
  • Top card stability and wide 20 degree field of view accommodates roughest sea conditions
  • Built-in photo luminescent lighting
  • Impervious to corrosion
  • Available in blue and yellow.




Plastimo Mini-Contest Compass

mini contest

  • For sail boats up to 9 metres
  • Excellent readability and graduation every 5 degrees
  • Modern style with a conical card
  • 3 lubber lines for dependable readings
  • Vertical bulkhead mounting
  • Available in black & white.

Plastimo Contest 101/130 Compass

contest 101

  • For sailboats from 9 metres
  • Innovative design allows double reading from cockpit and cabin
  • Bulkhead standard or mounted with optional mast-mounting kit
  • Modern style complete with protection cover
  • Uses the same mounting footprint as superseded Contest 100.
  • Available in black with black or red card and in white with red card.

Plastimo Olympic 100/135 Compass

  • For sailboats from 9 metres
  • Flat card read graduated every 5 degrees
  • Unique articulated protective hood with built-in sliding cover
  • Pedestal mounting or minimal height flush mounting
  • Flushmount kit also available
  • Available in black and white with red and black cards.


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Nelson: Paul Scholfield, Tel: 03 548 2996  > Email
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