Buoyancy vests

Recreational (NZS5823:2005 Type 403)

Our recreational buoyancy vests are slim fitting, allowing optimum freedom of movement for high-activity water sports where short-term immersion is likely.


Type 403 Buoyancy Vest (53N)
For Water Sports


  • Lighter weight buoyancy vest for water sports enthusiasts
  • Superior foam helps withstand spills!
  • Soft quality fabric feels good against the skin
  • Contoured design for comfort and style
  • Side neoprene panels for a snug fit
  • Belt and zip closure
  • Comfortable superior foam
  • Sizes:
    - CM
    - S-XXL
  • Certificates
    - YNZ CAT 5 Compliant
    - NZ Safety Standards approved

Colour options
red - adult, yellow - m



  • Two colours: red for the safety conscious and navy for the style conscious
  • Five sizes: 5, M, L, XL, XXL for every shape and every size
  • Zip off sleeves for year round wear ability
  • Stylish look and detailing on and off the water
  • All jackets are C02 operated (manual) and have an oral inflation tube
  • Drainage panels and crutch strap

Colour optionsred navy 2



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