Buoyancy garments

Recreational (NZS Type 405)


Level 50 Buoyancy Garment (50N)
For Water Sports

  • All-neoprene jacket for water sports enthusiasts
  • Great style and comfort
  • Power graphic and 6-pack
  • Soft neoprene feels great against the skin
  • Superior foam helps wearer withstand all the spills
  • Beefy zip and buckles perfect for extreme water sports and cold weather
  • Generous cut around the neck and arms for total freedom of movement

Colour optionsblack

BrizaBriza F3

Type 405 Buoyancy Garment (53N) For Kayaking/Dinghy Sailing

  • Superb comfort for paddle sports enthusiasts
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps
  • Side adjustment webbing
  • Soft flexible neoprene sides and interior for a snug fit
  • Roomy pocket for valuables
  • Rehydration pouch in back
  • Hi-Viz fabric (on the yellow version) and retroreflective patch and tapes for extra visability

Colour optionsred black

yellow-black swatch


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