Lifejackets & buoyancy aids

The RFD range of lifejackets and buoyancy aids now includes our all-new F3 models based on fit, form and function. Starting from a blank sheet of paper, our designers have succeeded in redefining both comfort and performance. Better collars, bigger buckles, extra reflective tape and internal webbing are just some of the new features. So why not try one on? Whichever model you choose is sure to keep you in a safe position when you enter the water.

Open waters - NZS 401

NZS Type 401 approved for commercial use, including popular Coastal and SOLAS models.


Inshore waters - NZS 402

NZS Type 402 approved for recreational use, including popular Guardian and Minder models.


Buoyancy vest - NZS 403

NZS Type 403 approved for recreational use, including popular Protector model.


Buoyancy garment - NZS 405

NZS Type 405 approved for recreational use, including popular Exodus, Pro Sport and Slalom models.


Inflatable lifejackets

YNZ, MSA NZ compliant and SOLAS approved for commercial and recreational use, including RFD Cyclone, XM Quickfit, Mullion SOLAS & Crewsaver Crewfit inflatable models.



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Adjustable harness

Available in 4 colours - red, yellow, navy and black.


Tether lines

Triple hookline for added security. Adult multi-fit size.


Crotch straps

Prevents lifejackets from riding up. Retrofit to inflatable and foam lifejackets.


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