Immersion suits

Survitec Group stocks immersion suits, survival suits, abandonment suits and anti-exposure suits by world-leading manufacturers of survival equipment focused on the latest in textile technology and design innovation.

Crewsaver Immersion Suit

Crewsaver Immersion Suits are designed to meet and are fully approved to the current SOLAS MED regulations.


Revere Imperial 1409

SOLAS approved one-piece construction with attached hood, boots and mitts to seal out the cold and retain body heat.


ISP Intrepid Once Only

An emergency abandonment suit for the military market, as used by UK Ministry of Defence personnel.


ISP Intrepid MK1/MK8

Insulated and non-insulated immersion suits tried and tested in the harshest environments.


Mullion Anti-Exposure Suit 70N

For fast rescue crews and offshore supply vessels. Protects against cold water shock and hypothermia.


Mullion SOLAS Immersion Suit

For crew onboard offshore supply vessels, bulk carriers, commercial ferries, container and freight ships in cold waters.


Mullion X4 Flotation Jacket & Trousers

Fully waterproof items with inherent buoyancy in excess of 100 N, sold separately.


1000 Series Helicopter Passenger Suit

Designed specifically for helicopter transportation, this next generation survival suit features advanced fabric and component technology for additional comfort and safety features.



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