Kannad SafeLink SOLO

For boating, diving or any other outdoor pursuit that takes you to remote locations

Take your personal safety to the next level with a Kannad SafeLink SOLO GPS PLB. Designed to be carried with you at all times (note the non-slip rubber armour), the SOLO is waterproof to 10m and easy to activate. This is a PLB that gives you great value for money and a real alternative to distress flares that have previously been popular with both water sport and extreme sports junkies.

safelink solo


  • FCC approved
  • Subscription free, with no call charges
  • Compact light and durable
  • Waterproof to 10m
  • 50-channel integral GPS
  • Minimum 24-hour continuous operation
  • Operates at temperatures down to -20C
  • SOS LED flash light
  • 5-year replaceable battery life
  • Flotation pouch, lanyard and universal pouch.

Product specs

Storage: -30C to +70C
Weight: 165g
Dimensions: 36x50x112mm
GPS: 50 channel
Frequency: 406.037/121.5 MHz
Battery type: 6V lithium metal
Battery replacement: By service centre
SOS flash light: Morse code SOS pattern.


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