Kannad SafeLink R10

The revolutionary, and new, survivor recovery system

safelink R10

The Kannad R10 is the first of its kind: a personal AIS (automatic identification system) vital to man overboard recovery. Mounted on lifejackets, it allows anyone on board with an AIS charter or plotter to quickly locate and retrieve missing crew members. Easy to use, and transmitting a unique emergency alert to all AIS receivers and plotters within a 4-mile radius, the R10 is a must for every safety conscious sailor.


  • Lightweight and compact for mounting on lifejackets
  • Unique serialized ID
  • LED flashing indicator
  • Buzzer
  • 50-channel integral GPS
  • Minimum 24-hour continuous operation
  • Operates at temperatures down to -20C
  • 7-year replaceable battery life.

Product specs

Storage: -30C to +70C
Weight: 120g
Dimensions: 13x46x112mm
GPS type: 50 channel
Range: 4 nautical miles
Frequency: 161.975/162.025 MHz
Battery type: 6V lithium metal
Battery replacement: By service centre
Sealing depth: Immersion to 5m
Operation: Manual 2 stage



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