RFD Aerolite

Commercial, military and rotary-wing applications (CAA and FAA approved) (4, 5, 6, 10, 30, and 46-person capacities)

The Aerolite liferaft range replaces the Universal 'U' Series and is now available in a wide range of stowage options to better meet your needs. This range includes the Aerolite 4F for SAR raft configuration. And a special Aerolite 33, for C-130 wing stowage application.



  • Constructed from polyurethane proofed nylon fabric
  • Inflatable canopy support for maximum exposure protection
  • Ultra-light and compact for serious weight savings compared to wide-body models
  • Self-erecting, and high stability, twin buoyancy tubes
  • Automatic inflation system
  • Protective canopy.


  • Many different stowages to suit all applications - please contact Survitec Group with your requirements
    and we'll put together the ideal solution for you.

Emergency packs

  • Choose from a range of comprehensive emergency packs including CAA scales, FAR 91/135
    and JAR Ops 3.

Dimensions and weights

aerolite chart

Note: All weights and dimensions are approximate and may be subject to slight variation.



High tech range from Kannad including SART models. 

Spare parts

Be prepared with spare parts that work regardless of the weather conditions or changes in climate.


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