Aviation lifejackets

Designed to support wearers in a safe, head-up position, our CAA and FAA-approved aviation lifejackets are essential for both passengers and crew on fixed and rotary-wing aircraft for private, commercial and military applications.

Survitec Group Type 102/Type 105 Aerospace Lifejackets
(CAA and FAA approved)

aerospace mk 12

  • For commercial aircraft use
  • Sizes for adults/children (Type 102) and infants (Type 105)
  • Lightest aerospace lifejackets on the market
  • In sealed valise for 10-year service interval
  • 20-year life
  • Constructed from polyurethane proofed nylon fabric
  • Water activated sea light
  • Whistle
  • Waist belt
  • Additional harness and lifeline for infants
  • Available in different configurations for airline personalisation.

Coloursyellow orange pass crew

Survitec Group MK4 Babycot (CAA and FAA approved)


  • Floating survival cot for babies up to 18 months
  • High degree of comfort, space and contact with parent to reduce potential trauma/stress
  • 20-year life
  • 10-year service interval
  • Innovative design restricts water ingress
  • Super spray protection
  • Thermal waistcoat
  • Self-righting properties
  • Buddy line and toggle.


Survitec Group MK28 Passenger Lifejacket (CAA and FAA approved)
mk 28 crew

  • Ultra-slim synthetic stole pouch
  • Fully-adjustable webbing waistbelt/backstrap
  • Compact, unobtrusive design
  • Buoyancy 170+ Newton
  • Manually operated CO2 cylinder
  • High visibility reflective tape
  • Integral spray hood
  • Crotch strap
  • Buddy line
  • Whistle
  • One size fits all.


Survitec Group MK28 Crew Lifejacket (CAA and FAA approved)

  • As per passenger version with added features:
  • Pockets for PLB, equipment and flare
  • Separate balaclava hood
  • Available in 3 versions (Series 1, 2 and 3).

black orange valise bladder

Survitec Group MK44 Crew Lifejacket (CAA approved)

mk 44

  • For helicopter and fixed wing crews
  • Fully adjustable waistcoat
  • Single or twin-chamber inflatable stole within protective pouch
  • Front construction from breathable, flame retardant fabric
  • Back construction - mesh fabric to reduce heat discomfort and fatigue
  • Compact and removable integral sprayhood
  • Automatically activated battery and lamp assembly
    Lifting loops, reflective tape and whistles
    2 sizes - up to 42-inch chest and over 42-inch chest.

Coloursnavy orange valise bladder

LAP Lifejacket Air Pocket Plus (275 Newtons)

shark suit

This manually operated lifejacket, which meets CAA Spec 5 standards, offers excellent performance on compatibility and self-righting

  • Air Pocket Plus, auto inflator and air cylinder for activation on immersion
  • CO2 cylinder
  • Strobe light
  • Manual and oral inflators
  • CAA approved light fitted to spray hood
  • Buddy line on waist belt
  • Retro-reflective tape
  • Whistle
  • Mouthpiece pocket
  • LAP cover on 96202(B) allows for the optional retrofit of a PLB aerial (an additional pouch is available for the PLB itself).





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